Mt Shasta Huts

Mt Shasta Backcountry Huts

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Mt Shasta Backcountry Hut
Mt Shasta Backcountry Huts sit on Grey Butte above the Mt Shasta Ski Park

Ski Terrain: The Beyond the Boundaries Hut is located on Grey Butte immediately south southeast of Mt Shasta proper.  The terrain immediately adjacent to the huts offer nice beginner to intermediate low angle glade runs.  The northwest side of the Grey Butte offers up advanced and expert ski lines up 1,200’ and 45° in angle.

The nearby areas of Yellow Butte and Red Butte also off short be extreme lines for the highest level of skiers.

Hut Detail:  While the hut is just commonly referred to as the Shasta Hut, the actual name of the hut is the Beyond The Boundaries Hut and is comprised of three buildings.  A sleeping building, a cooking hut, and an outhouse.

The sleeping hut has a couple of bunk beds and one full-sized bed, that can sleep two.  There are plenty of board games and cards for long nights.  The building also has a wood-burning stove to keep the group warm at night.

The cook building has a well-stocked kitchen with pots, pans, coffee percolator, and a two-burner propane stove.  This is usually stocked with a 5-gallon propane tank.  For warmer weather and spring trips the hut also has an outdoor barbecue pit.

The hut is usually booked as a package that includes lift tickets and a snowcat that will drop off your baggage at the hut.  It’s perfect for an introduction to backcountry hut skiing as well as small parties with friends.

Beat the crowds, get first tracks and own the experience with a guided Mt Shasta Backcountry Hut trip.