Introduction to Ski Mountaineering

Introduction to Ski Mountaineering

Mt. Shasta & Mt. Lassen Ski Descents
Mt. Shasta Backcountry & Lassen National Park

3 Days / 2 Nights / $825.00

California Ski Guide JB Brown Scouts a Line in Lassen Volcanic National Park.Run in two different venues our Intro to Ski Mountaineering Course is one of the most popular trips we offer.  This three-day course is designed to teach basic skills necessary to climb and ski in more complex terrain.  Just as touring provides an excellent method for getting around on the snow tools such as a rope, ice ax and crampons can open up a huge variety of ski and snowboard options in the greater mountains.

On day one the group will tour up and establish a high camp to provide ample opportunity to train and explore.  The first days learning focus will be proper route finding, efficient track setting as well as deciding how and where to make a winter camp.  All of these are fundamental skills for the ski or snowboard mountaineer.

On day 2 of the Intro to Ski Mountaineering Course, the focus will start with skills for the more technical uphill terrain.  These include crampon, ice ax, and basic rope techniques.   We then move into the most fun part of the course working on techniques and tactics for skiing steeper terrain safely.   All of these skills developed on day one, and two will put you to the test on day three with a climb and ski objective.


Lassen National Park:  Don't be fooled by Lassen Peaks lower altitude.  Ski Objectives in Lassen are shorter but offer a great variety of terrain and difficulty.  The smaller scale allows for more accessibility and more laps.   Additionally, Lassen provides the advantage of fewer winter users and one of California's deepest snow packs.

Mt. Shasta Backcountry: Though Avalanche Gulch is considered a classic it isn’t the only great route that Mt. Shasta has to offer.  The West Face, the Hotlum Bolum Ridge, the Wintun Snowfield, and the East Face all offer unique challenges, fantastic lines, and their varying degree challenge.

For private and custom groups taking the Intro to Ski Mountaineering Course a carryover and ski descent of the North-side can be arranged as well.   For the backcountry adventurers who are in excellent condition and desire an extraordinary ski adventure! Give us a call at 888.797.6867 to discuss current requirements and design your custom ski descent of Mt. Shasta.

Departure: Mt. Shasta, California or Mineral, California
Best Airport: Sacramento, California
Group Size: 6-8 Clients
Guide to Client Ratio: 1:3/4
Experience Level: Advanced Skier or Snowboarders

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