Ski Huts

California Backcountry Ski Hut Trips

Huts are perhaps the best way to experience a guided backcountry ski or splitboard trip.  Each hut differs in style and accomadation from roomy and rustic to the most basic of amenities.  Huts in California usually sleep 4-10 people.  On some our international trips ski huts might sleep up to 30.  Generally they offer beds or cots, cook stove, pots, plates, wood burning stove, and a place to relax out of the elements.  Each hut is different so check your equipment list before you go.

Hut KitchenThe most noticable advantage of a hut trip over a ski tour is the backpack weight and mobility.  Huts allow you to drop the heavy pack as you aren’t having to carry a stove, fuel, sleeping pad, and cook kit.  This makes the whole experience of backcountry skiing more enjoyable.

Having a warm place to spread out and dry gear makes for a more pleasurable trip as well.  This is especially true in the middle of winter when shorter days mean more time inside.  Huts allow for comradree, good food, and enjoyable time with friends.

Currently the only hut that we offer is the Pear Lake Hut in Sequoia National Park.  Click on the link here to find out more and check back with us as we will be offering more California backcountry huts soon.