Japan Ski Expedition – Furano

Japan Ski Expedition - Furano

Furano  Ski Expedition - Japan

8 Days / 7 Nights /Cost: $3,195

Japan Volcano SkiingThe lodge-based tour will stay in the area surrounding Furano. There are many areas that offer skiing access and we will be flexible with our particular daily destination. However, a sample itinerary can be expected to follow the general guidelines below.
Day 1 Sapporo: Getting to Hokkaido will involve a transfer either from either Narita or Haneda airports in the greater Tokyo area. This implies a late arrival into Hokkaido (after 6:00 pm). We will pick you up at the Chitose airport in Sapporo and spend the first night in the Sapporo.

Day 2 Furano: 
We will get up and drive three hours to Furano. The town is known as the ‘Navel of Hokkaido’ for its central location on the island and makes an excellent base to other ski resorts and the Daisetsuzan National Park. We will start the trip with a half day of lift assisted access to the side country using the Furano Ski Resort Gondola.
Day 3 Tokachidake: The Ainu who are the indigenous people of Hokkaido refer to the mountains of Daisetsuzan as ‘Kamui Mintara,’ or the ‘Playground of the Gods.’ Premier backcountry skiing area of Hokkaido which provides for excellent alpine and tree skiing. An option is to ski the active Volcano of Mt Tokachi and finish in an outdoor spring that has superb views of the ski line.
Day 4 Asahidake: Asahidake is at 2,290m the highest mountain in Hokkaido and is also a live volcano. It’s pretty awesome to ski by its conical shaped crater with its multiple smoking fumaroles. On bright days you can see plumes of white smoke billowing from its many vents. We can either go to the summit or do laps on a cable-car which lift access to the tree line providing for 600 meters of skiing through ancient forests of spruce that are 600 years old.
Day 5-6 Sandanyma and Maetokachi: Straight out from our ryokan there is access to unlimited terrain surrounding the peaks of Sandanyama and Maetokachi. Depending on the group preferences we can hit steep chutes, birch forests, ridgelines, or bag a summit.
Day 7 Furano: Furano ski resort is one of the premier ski areas of Hokkaido and has steeper terrain than other areas of Hokkaido. Our last ski day will come full circle, and we can take on off-piste circuit out of the ski area boundaries which provides for 900 vertical meters of skiing each run. Easy access out of the resort and then egress makes for a big day of skiing.
Day 8 Travel: Transfer day where we make our way back to Sapporo to allow everybody time to start their journey home or continue onto other venues!

Departure: Hokkaido, Japan
Best Airport: Hokkaido
Group Size: 6-8 Clients
Guide to Client Ratio: 1:4
Experience Level: Advanced to Expert Skier, Snowboarders
Trip Includes: Lodging, Breakfasts, Dinners, Local Transportation, Guides, and Permits

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