Certified A3 Avalanche Level 1 Course

 A3 Avalanche Level 1 Course

American Avalanche Association (A3) - Level 1 - Avalanche Fundamentals

Locations: Bear Valley, California & Mount Shasta, California

Taught by A3 Certified Avalanche Instructor and A3 Professional Member
Course Curriculum is Certified and Approved by  American Avalanche Association  A3 Avalanche Level 1 Course Curriculum
3 Days / 25 Plus Hours / 60% Fieldwork/ $450.00
Lodging & Kitchen Access - Airbnb.com -- Shasta Bunkhouse or  call for details 888.797.6867

A3 Avalanche Level 1 Course is the basic foundation for understanding avalanche hazards and developing safe travel practices in avalanche terrain.  This course contains over 25  hours of instruction comprised of classroom lecture, video, discussion, and a minimum of at least 16 plus hours of fieldwork. The course designed for all types of backcountry travelers, snowshoers, backcountry skiers, snowboarders, mountaineers, ski patrol, and mountain guides. We use a variety of systems to learn how to evaluate avalanche hazards and to develop “your avalanche Avalanche Educationjudgment.”

The goal of the A3 Avalanche Level 1 Course is for students to learn the basics of snow mechanics, avalanche hazards, the metamorphosis of slab formation, and appropriate terrain selection.  Our Avalanche Level 1 Course taught through lectures, and presentation is giving the student a basic foundation and understanding of the nature of avalanches and avalanche hazards.

Over half our time during this course (60% plus) is outside in-the-field for a series of hands-on observation tours, practical exercises and field studies to learn how to put this knowledge to work in the "real world."  Outdoor segments will focus on proper techniques for a variety of information gathering techniques and provide opportunities to "read" the snow in real life situations.  Get hands-on with our staff in selecting appropriate terrain and making decisions that could save lives, one of which could be your own.

Our instructor staff is composed of a combination of certified avalanche instructors, ski patrollers, and professional backcountry ski and Splitboard guides.  All of our staff members have real-world avalanche experience from years of guiding around the world.  They will be your instructors in some of the most critical hands-on learning that you could ever do.

Departure: Mt. Shasta, Lake Tahoe, or Bear Valley, California
Group Size: Limited to  8-12 clients
Instructor to Client Ratio: 1:6
Prerequisites: Winter Travel; Avalanche Awareness course recommended but not required.

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